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Frequent questions

  • All pieces are original?
    Yes, the pieces on the portfolio page are completely original, hand-printed separately, each one undergoing a quality selection and are printed on acid-free cotton paper that makes the print last as long as possible, they are signed by the author and series to mark the originality of the work, are marked by a die that shows the unique touch of the workshop. The images are created by the author, therefore they are 100% original and protected by copyright.
  • What is the difference between paper and image measurement?
    The size of the paper is counting the total image with margins, for example in this image; the paper measurement that is outside measures 22x32 cm and the image measurement is the area of the stamp in black, which is 10x15 cm.
  • What care should the stamp have?
    In the case of prints that are hand-painted with watercolor, it is recommended that they not be exposed to sunlight as the pigment fades. Paper is a material that should not be exposed to moisture as it molds, so it is recommended to keep it framed and mounted in an area where there is no moisture. It is recommended to have completely clean hands when touching the stamp.
  • Do the shirts shrink in the first wash or in the dryer?
    No, it does not shrink since it is pre-washed cotton and in the printing process it is subjected to high temperatures. What I do recommend is to consider that the sizes are Mexican measurements.
  • Is there a wholesale price on souvenirs?
    Yes, there is a wholesale price for SOUVENIRS, for this it is necessary to contact me personally so that the price adjustment can be made. From 100 pieces onwards there is a 30% discount and the products can be agreed.
  • What parcel companies do you use to send?
    FedEx or DHL is used depending on the shipping area.
  • How long it take to get my shipment?
    The shipment depends mostly on the parcel company, regularly it takes 2-5 business days to arrive in national shipments (Mexico) after the shipment confirmation, in international shipments, it depends on the country where it has to arrive It takes 3-6 business days in the United States area and 6-14 days in the rest of the world, this time elapses from the day of collection, which can be 2-4 business days after your purchase.
  • Do you do international shipments?
    Yes, the website allows you to give the automatic cost to the United States and Canada, but if your country is different, write me and I'll give you the shipping cost to your address.
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