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Mexican born in 1991; in 2008 she entered the University of Guanajuato where she studied a degree in Visual Arts and learned the areas of visual arts. Among them, she excelled in engraving, a technique that to date has been her medium to give birth to the Silvestre imaginary. In 2013 he joined the engraving workshop elpinchegrabador, where to date he continues to work on his own production, supports the printing and coordination of co-editions, in which he works together with other national engravers, strengthening ties with workshops from different latitudes of the Mexican Republic.

Likewise, in 2014 she had the fascinating opportunity to produce in the lithography workshop La Ceiba Gráfica together with elpinchegrabador. Later, in 2015, in the city of Oaxaca, she took a course with the teacher Deborah Chapman, who taught her specialty in the Mezzotint technique. During the following year, 2016, she was selected by Centro Occidente, where she made a work for the project Gráfica expandida, construcciones cerámicas, where from an engraving on linoleum, a run of ceramic pieces was made; in the same year, she inaugurated her first solo exhibition at the Museo del Pueblo de

Guanajuato entitled Tierra de origen, where she showed a variety of prints executed with different techniques.

In 2017 she presented Fandango, a multidisciplinary group exhibition, by the hand of master Javier Capelo Hernández, master Alberto Javier Martínez, master Andrés Flores (+) and master elpinchegrabador, as part of the program of the 45th International Cervantino Festival in the city of Guanajuato, where they presented ceramics, engraving and laudería.

Moving into 2019, Jainite was invited to the city of Recife, Brazil as a resident to

produce lithography at the University of Pernambuco Recife.

Currently she continues to produce and explore in the printmaking workshop

elpinchegrabador, located in the city of Guanajuato, capital of the state of Guanajuato.


My prints are born through two main techniques: lithography and metal engraving; these two techniques have the virtue of drawing, a means by which I express myself and play with different types of lines, textures, tonalities and materials of different natures that complement the image and its meaning. I like to think about the materiality of emotion and how I can capture it to make it palpable with the senses. My work carries my navel attached to its ancestral roots where the gods walk with the sun and their goddesses bloom from the damp earth. Being Mexican made me grow up in a loom of languages, traditions and beliefs, cultural heritage of a syncretism that changes with the passing of time. All this gives me the guideline to express it through engraving. This is my song to the flowery feature of my country seen from my feminine perspective, showing a dialogue with death, life, nature, the past, fertility and masculinity. A fundamental part of my work is to portray the nahual woman, woman of the earth, corn woman. With the feminine gaze, I portray myself inside the body of the goddesses and embrace the strength of these goddesses, who express the legends told by the voices of the ancients, as well as a fragment of my inner self. Currently I am a volcano that tells legends, interprets dreams and symbols; I am religion of the people who live around me, although beyond that, it is the way in which I as a volcano am closer to being one of the sacred mountains, because of my majestic form, my fertile skirts and my heart of lava.

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